Crossbox link fubar

(noman) #1

I have tried chrome, internet explorer and safari on the Mac. on
/nothing happens on left click/

and I searched my RemObjects folder on the windows box. I can’t find it
and I can’t get it. My hard drive failed yesterday so I am STRESSED you know?

(marc hoffman) #2

Elements 10 no longer uses CrossBox 1. See for details on setting up CrossBox 2 via SSH.

I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

(Tony White) #3

I assume you are still, like me, using RemObjects 9+.
If you are still having issues contact me as I have just gone through all this.
I may have some tips to help you.

(noman) #4

Thanks for the reply Tony but I am with version ten now and glad cross box is gone.

(marc hoffman) #5

You and me both :wink: