Download labeled 10 shows

(noman) #1

Hello: I downloaded elements 10 a few minutes ago and it shows up as
version in the about box. Is this normal? I remember the version
showing in the download page to be the same as the one showing in
the about box of visual studio but I would not bet a penny on my memory.

(marc hoffman) #2

Hm, no, thats normal. what build of v10 did you download, and where (trial download or licensed downloads?), and what version number shows on the first screen of setup, in the bottom left? Did you have 9.2 installed before?

What’s curious is that is pretty old (it’s the August 2017 release), but Friday’s build just happens to be exactly 100 builds ahead, with…

(noman) #3

I downloaded from customer portal\downloads by channel\ ( after signon) this was not the public download page. I did have an old version on this computer (borrowed at work) but I have no idea exactly what version it was but august of last year would make sense. I’ll check my regular computer at home in a few hours.

(marc hoffman) #4

Curious. that one definitely gives the right version, when I download. The only think I can imagine is that you had installed before, and the installer somehow failed to actually update…

Whats the date and version of the bulk of the .dll files in Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Elements\Bin?

(noman) #5

Ok I found out that 2015 shell was updated but 2017 was not updated. I know that both were checked during the update I forgot to check both visual studio versions about box

(noman) #6

the dll dates are mostly 4/13/2018

(marc hoffman) #7

Hmm, ok. that sounds like an installer bug. I’ll have someone from the VS team follow up with you to help narrow tis down, tomorrow.

(RemObjects) #9

Thanks, logged as bugs://80103