Downloading Updates (free version)

When an update is available on the current update channel, the UPDATE AVAILABLE! menu option Update to … does not actually download the update (in the free version), it simply opens the page in one’s web browser.

Furthermore, it would seem only the stable channel is downloadable from that site.


Automatic download of new versions was not hooked up until .2407, so with the version currently on Stable, you’d only see the “download manually” menu item, yes. .2407 or later offer automatic download (the menu will show progress, in this case, and/or offer to “exit and update now”). I will check whether this automatic download handles the free version as well (as that sues a different download mechanism), and if not, will make that work for a near future update.

Correct, only the latest Stable channel is available as free download (as Trial, and for users of the free Silver compiler). Access to weekly Preview/Experimental builds is open of the perks of the paid license.


Also, if I may know when the next stable is planned?
I think I need the recent parse fixes to find more unintentional differences between Silver and Swift.


I’m not sure yet; possibly next week. that said…

I’ve set you up with a full beta access to all weekly Silver builds, as your feedback has been and continues to invaluable.


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