Error in RemObjects Elements with Water -

error compiling with this version

Gravidade Código Descrição Projeto Arquivo Linha Estado de Supressão
Erro (E0) Internal error: System.NullReferenceException: Referência de objeto não definida para uma instância de um objeto.
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitExitStatement(ExitStatement exitStatement)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitStatement(Statement element)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitBeginStatement(BeginStatement element)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitStatement(Statement element)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitScopeStatement(ScopeStatement element)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitStatement(Statement element)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Analysis.FlowVisitor.VisitMethodImplementation(IMutableMethodImplementation methodImplementation)
em RemObjects.Elements.Compiler.PassesImplementation.<>c__DisplayClass0.b__1(IMethodInfo arg)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.CombinedParsedType.ForAllMethods(Func2 action) em RemObjects.Elements.Compiler.PassesImplementation.<>c__DisplayClass0.<FlowAnalysis>b__0(IParsedType el) em RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.Compiler.Compiler.ForAllInternalTypes(Action1 aAt)
em RemObjects.Oxygene.Code.Compiler.Compiler.Compile() PegasusServer C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Enterprise\MSBuild\RemObjects Software\Elements\RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.targets 70

here is the log

log2.txt (259.6 KB)


any chance we can see the source for this? I doubt we’ll be able to reproduce this just form the long & error message…


We have already sent the project for performance testing in your email. We’ve made few changes since the day we shipped. Who sent it was, from our team. if you need it we send it in private again.

I’d need the project with the actual changes that trigger the error, yeah.

I sent in your email
I didn’t send assemblies to decrease the file size, are they necessary?

Half the projects in that solution are missing (not sure if thats a problem for reproing this or not), but yeah, the ones that are there all fail on missing references I dont have:

PegasusServer: Reference 'DevExpress.BonusSkins.v20.2' could not be resolved for target 'Echoes' (Echoes .NET anycpu).


includes assemblies, please download again

will have a look in the AM.

They managed to take a look at this case, it is causing us difficulties, we were waiting for corrections that were published this summer.

any news about this case?

I replied to the PM, yesterday. The new project you sent still failed within three missing references, and I cannot reproduce the internal error :frowning:

for an internal error, i really need a project that compiles as is, to reproduce it.

I also answered for it yesterday, I resent the file, you can download it again, this time with all the references, (the file is about 388mb in size)

in time, you asked me to evaluate Water, but we have 2 problems
1-I had a problem with accents (probably the encode of the file)
2-not being able to edit windows forms limits usage a lot.

yes, this was AFTER that. it still failed.

Got your latest now, still fails:

PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2492 — (E287) Syntax error
PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2492 — (E1) equals (=) expected, got identifier
PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2492 — (E287) Syntax error
PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2492 — (E1) semicolon (;) expected, got identifier
PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2501 — (E287) Syntax error
PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2501 — (E287) Syntax error
PegasusServer: USoftSystemINIGenerica.pas, line 2501 — (E1) equals (=) expected, got identifier

those files seem, to have bad encoding. After fixing this I get licx licensing issues, but that could be to do me testing on Mac instead of Windows, so I’ve logged the issue for our compile team now, in the hope that they can reproduce your NRE with this, on Windows.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85599

The problem was with the accents existing in these lines, however the compiler did not acknowledge the error in the code (as occurred in your comment), it just failed to compile.

Reinforcement that in version 2601 the compilation occurs, only in 2603 it does not occur.

Anyway, I already made the correction by eliminating the accents but I still don’t compile, maybe there is the same problem in another place that I am not able to identify.

likely the bug in the compiler is related to accented identifiers

unlikely; thats only a file encoding problem. on your system, the accents probably match your locale, so they can be read even if the file is n to proper UTF-8, on mine they can’t (simply resaving the file with a BOM fixed that, for me).

I downloaded version2605, the problem persists.

In 2605, apparently more corrections were requested that we requested, but I can’t use it because it is not possible to compile.

Which problem, exactly? The VS team has been pretty confident that the locking up should have been fixed (and no longer reproduces here, for us…). the Internal Error has not been fixed yet; that only got logged yesterday.