How do I make the event handler method auto generate the code?

I just downloaded the latest Oxygene and VS 2013. I tried using some code completion like this:

Loaded +=

the old Oxygene in VS 2010 generated a method name and generated the stub code. This version doesn’t seem to be doing that. Am I missing something?

It never did it on it’s own, but under “method…” it should generate that. What does it preselect for you?

What do you mean it never did it on it’s own? It did it before. How did it do it? What do you mean “under method”?

What do you mean “What does it preselect for you”?

After I type in the += and a space, it doesn’t preselect anything. That is the problem.

just tested this again, (ignore the uppercasing, it’s a temporary bug in the build I use), but the ‘selected’ item should create a member in your current class, while if you browse to “method…” and select that, it should create the anonymous.

The previous (old) version of Delphi Prism I had made the method name be ClassName + “_” + EventName.

So for my MainPage class, the Loaded event gave me MainPage_Loaded method name. Now it looks like it just gives me Loaded by default.

AND, before it used to popup the choices as soon as I typed "+= " (note the space in there). Now it doesn’t pop up automatically, I have to do a Ctrl-Space to get it to popup.

Is that an intentional change, or is there some option I can choose somewhere to get it to work like it used to work?

Thanks for making the video.

I think auto popup is an option (in the Editor/Oxygene settings). I’ll ask about the ClassName_ prefix.

I looked, I don’t see any “popup is an option”.

automatically drop cc list when typing

Thanks for that, but yeah, I already saw that option and it is already CHECKED. But no joy.

It USED to be that as soon as you typed the space after the “+=” it popped up the list (with a different choice than now).

Now, it only popups up if I start typing, or I do Ctrl-Space, but in neither case is the MainPage_Loaded name used.


Thank you for the report. The both issues are logged for further review:
66504: Change the name for autocreating event method
66505: Add += into Autopopup CC

Best regards.