Hydra 5 Doesn't Install Import from .NET Assemblies

I have Delphi XE3 and VS2010 on one Win7 virtual machine and VS2017 on a Win10 VM, where I’m now building Hydra .NET plugins. When I install Hydra 5 on the Win7 VM, it does not allow me to install the .NET portion of Hydra, whereas Hydra 4 did, probably because VS2010 is no longer supported. However, it appears that this causes Delphi XE3 to no longer have the following menu option: Tools -> Hydra -> Import from .NET assemblies. Also, Hydra 5 does not install the RemObjects Software\Hydra for .NET\ directory, so I don’t have access to the RemObjects.Hydra.dll from my Win7 VM without copying it from the Win10 VM.

Is there a way to restore the Import from .NET assemblies option in my Win7 machine with Hydra 5?


Yes, the .NET part of Hydra is not installed if the installer cannot find a supported VS version.

Hoever, you can make it think that VS 2013 is installed:

  • Create a temporary folder
  • Add a Registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0
  • Add a String entry to this key named InstallDir and set its value to path to the temp folder

Run the Hydra installer
There might be an error on the last step of installation because the installer won’t be able to perform VS IDE integration calls. They can be safely ignored.
Then you can delete the registry key and the temp folder.

Hope that helps

Thanks, this worked.

Anton,. imho we should offer/allow to install the .NET-related portion not the Delphi IDE, even when just Delphi is found and VS is not? And vice versa, if applicable?

Thanks, logged as bugs://78228

bugs://78228 got closed with status fixed.