No deliverable platform

Here is part of an error msg. This is a simple console app in one file that runs fine in visual studio 2017. I started with a new solution from the water ide so I do not see how framework problems would show up like this. Version (develop). I made a new solution, a new project and pasted the cs code from a working vs17 app.

E: Package Microsoft.NETCore.App:2.2.1 has no deliverable for platform ‘netcoreapp 2.1’.
Project ‘h2oConApp1’ failed to build.
Solution ‘H2O_ConsoleApp1’ failed to build all projects.

K, the error message states exactly what the problem is, though? You’re referencing a NuGet package (Microsoft.NETCore.App:2.2.1) that does not support the target platform (netcoreapp 2.1). Note the version mismatch…