Problem in Linux server


I need to run my server in Linux.

When I run the process all work fine, from the IDE I can connect to my service and can open the datatables.

In execution (server and client running in linux) the server (in Windows all work fine) when I try to open a datatable with dynamicwhere raise this exception:

An exception was raised on the server: Stream read error: Invalid string length “-1211979837”

I don’t know where to look anymore.

Any ideas, more than welcome. Thank you.

PS: RO/DA version and I use CodeFirst


the problem is the Indy HTTP Server! If I change it with ROHTTPServer all work fine! The BIG problem is that with the TROHTTPServer the CPU of the process is 100% and more.

I opened an inquiry about this a few days ago:


It can work with simple testcase w/o any issues.

Can you create a simple server that reproduces this issue, pls?
you can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy.

Hi EvgenyK

the project is quite large and it is not easy to extract a test case on the fly but I try to prepare it.
Consider that I am using the Indy channel because ROHTTPServer gives me the CPU allocation problem (only in Linux).
If you can me help to find a solution for the CPU problem I would switch to ROHTTPServer instead of Indy.

Many thank’s


I’m investigating this case.
it can be socket issue.
looks like Linux and Windows process sockets a bit differently …

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We are getting problems with this new build and linux with TROSuperTCPServer with similar issues of 100% CPU probably if a socket connection fails etc. This latest build has been very poorly tested and is a big disappointment for the lack of attention.


Try to switch to TROIndySuperTCPServer - it may work more stable in Linux environment.

I confirm! Indy server TCP work fine in Linux