Single language renew academic kaput?

Hello, my license page lists single language oxygene renewal for 99$ academic. When I click on renew I am taken to elements renewal for 199$ I would like to go back to oxygene from Lazarus (free) which is what I use now. Is the single language or more to the point the 99$ renewal a dead Indian? There is a free visual studio and a free delphi and a free object pascal but I can come up with 99 bucks for oxygene personal because I really like the concept of pascal and NET. I only do text or console window programs.
Paul Breen

Hi Paul,

That is odd, as our most current license is Elements Academic, and we don’t actuality have a single-language Academic SKU for Oxygene. I’ll have look at why it is presenting wrong information for you.

I have created a new single-language Oxygene Academic SKU now, you can purchase it using the following link: 1403.


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That was really cool of you Marc! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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I enjoy comparing the different language implementations. “Let’s see … this works in Hydrogene but not in Oxygene … hmm, I’ll ask on RemObjects Talk”. Then you, Marc, invariably figure it out right away with something like:

Curious. it seems that in C# you can pass the actual method as a closure, but in Oxygene you cannot, without making that explicit — probably because it’s a bit ambiguous with Oxygene not needing () for the call, as C# does. These two versions will work:

Just awesome sauce! :nerd_face: