Suggestion: Improve documentation on Visual Designers regarding .NET Core

I think it would be helpful if some additional information was added to this documentation page:

I know that unfortunately the .NET Form Designer for Core is locked to VC# and VB by Microsoft. I think it would be helpful if this limitation was incorporated into the designer information for Elements.

I suggest this because I spent some time trying to figure out why I couldn’t view my forms in my my VB.NET core WinForms test project in a designer after I converted them to Mercury. Eventually I found the discussion about this limitation in the forums. But I think it would be helpful to know that information up front, and that page seems like a logical place for it.

One possible workaround for VB/Mercury and C#/Oxygene projects is that the developer could possibly use the original .vbproj or .csproj to make changes in the designer. This seemed to work for me for a simple test project, anyway. Obviously, if new forms were added post conversion to Elements, the project file would need to be edited to include the new forms. There may be other issues with that approach that I’m not considering, but it might work.

I get the vague impression that Microsoft is moving away from visual designers, as I see that .NET MAUI doesn’t have a visual designer. Does anyone else feel like as time marches on, things are getting worse not better? Sigh.