The designer loader has not been initialized yet. You may only call this method after initialization

problem with resources, forms do not load, do not open resources in properties.
vs 2022 - 17.3.3
RemObjects Elements

An error occurred trying to load the page.
The designer loader has not been initialized yet. You may only call this method after initialization.

Hello Claudio,
Could you please check if the same problem appears for you with the simple newly created winforms app? If not - is it possible to have your testcase for internal testing?
I checked it here with latest VS2022 and Oxygene winforms projects, newly created and the one with non-empty resources. Both shows Resources as expected.
Thank in advance.

yes, it occurs in a new application

this error appeared when switching from 17.2 to 17.3

:(. not the first thing that 17.3 broke :(.

yes, I also have problems where visual studio closes if there is some error in the code, at the time of compilation

hm. VS crashes when compile hits an error? any error, and every time or just in some cases?

some cases.
But not yet tests on the latest versions of elements. I’ll get back to you later on this case.
at the moment would like to try to solve the case of the resorces.

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Yeah, Vika is on that, I believe.

I’ve just checked - the reason for this issue is the same as for Find in solution problem. The moved API was causing the problem. Also should be fixed with the next build.

I can try and get a new build to you later tonight, if you’d like

excellent. I didn’t mention it but I also noticed this research problem, if you can include the fix.

and you can check if this also affects SUPPRESS WARNING

Hmm, Suppress Warnings doesn’t work for you? Specific to W72 or any warnings? A small test-case would be appreciated — this would definitely be a separate issue i’d need to log and that would not be part of the fix today.

in a new, simple application with no real functionality it works. in my application, which is quite large, it doesn’t work. I will try to isolate the case.

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It is difficult to isolate the case. but one thing I noticed is that I tell it to suppress it and save it in the project file normally, but when reopening it changes the tag to < SuppressedWarnings>W72< /SuppressedWarnings > and this information does not appear on the screen, only in the project file.

Ah! is your project using the Echoes.Legacy target or the normal Echoes one?

This part is fixed (maybe or maybe not for the next build you get, depending on whether the one already underway is good). “SuppressedWarnings” is good/proper, and should get passed to the compiler, unless you’re using legacy. But it shouldn’t be getting migrated if you are…

New build is up; no promises as I had no time to test it.

< Import Project=“$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\RemObjects Software\Elements\RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.targets” />