Visual csharp non visual plugin

Hi, I want to use visual studio to make a csharp non-visual plugin, but I can’t find a template for it. I found one for RemObjects csharp but I need to use the microsoft toolchain. Can I get enough information to make a custom template on my own?


Which exactly Visual Studio version do you have?
Do these steps work for you?

both projects build but there were dialogs. Delphi will not run access at address 004027C5 in
module ‘NewHostApplication.exe’ Read of address 00000000 (number of zeroes I made up)
Delphi 10.3 Version 26.0.33219.4899
copyright 2019 Embarcadero etc
Installed updates:
Delphi 10.3 and C++ Builder 10.3 Update 1
Installed Products:
Embarcadero Quality Insight
RemObjects Everwood
RemObjects Hydra 6 -
I need to figure out how to attach screenshots that will explain.
There was a dialog from hydra that wanted to change package references-I clicked yes
This was due to the difference between your version of delphi and mine?
current. . . . . . . . . correct
hydra_core_D16 ->hydra_core_D26
how can I attach a screenshot?

Try to follow the steps described in that post and to recreate the plugin and host app. Do not reuse the projects themselves.