Visual Studio 2017 : "We've noticed that extension 'Oxygene Editor Extensions' is slowing typing performance"


(pthompson) #1

After creating a new Windows 10 VM, installing VS 2017 Community and the current RemObjects suite for .NET (DA . Elements,Hydra, Remoting SDK I’m experiencing GUI freezes while editing. The attached screenshot shows a typical visual studio message. I’ve spent little time so far in this new VM, but it does seem to be happening quite frequently i.e. most times I use it.

Can some light be shed on this ?

(marc hoffman) #2

Does this persist with more recent builds? I believe we have made quite a few fixes in this area recently.

(Patrick Lanz) #3

For me, it has been solved in version .2353, from December 21.

(pthompson) #4

Hi Marc,

I’ve just double checked, but those are the most recent builds ?

I don’t want to confuse the issue here, but it may shed some light on things. This new VM is a clean replacement for a Windows 7, VS 2012 with rather old RemObjects components. I had been experiencing similar issues in there, albeit without what I presume to be the new VS notification lines popping up to point the finger. I had some understanding that this might be an old / fixed issue in Elements, hence part of the reason for the upgrade.

As I’m typing I can see the reply from Patrick, but I don’t see a .2353 Dec 21 build in my stable downloads. The most recent is the .2351 Dec 17 that I have installed. I do see .2359 preview from Jan 4.

(marc hoffman) #5

Glad to hear; I wasn’t are about what exact builds these fixes shipped in, bit I’m the hoping this is the same issue…

(marc hoffman) #6


.2351 is the latest “stable” build, but we’ve shipped weekly updates since, which you can find at We’ll probably declare a new build “stable” soon, but the latest one (.2359) or the one coming later today (.2361) should be save and good for production work.


(pthompson) #7

Thanks. I was being dense. The .2359 was the only one showing by default in the preview area. Expand it and I can see the build Patrick references. I’ll give the .2359 a try and see if that sorts the issue - I can see " 80695: Major CC issues (slowdown, overzealous matching) in Visual Studio code editor" listed in the changelog, so hopefully that covers my case…

(marc hoffman) #8

(.2361 will be out in 5 minutes, if you want to wait).

(pthompson) #9

In the spirit of adventure, I’ll hang on for .2361 - I do have numerous errors and warnings to address in the jump from the Elements 8.1 era.

(marc hoffman) #10

:+1:t3:. out now.

(pthompson) #11

Downloaded and installing now…

(pthompson) #12

…just had this in the new .2361 build

(Patrick Lanz) #13

So it’s not the same problem as me…

(marc hoffman) #14

:(. ok. someone from our VS team will need to work with you to narrow this issue down, then. Any chance you can (privately) send jus the/a project that shows this?


(pthompson) #15

Let me live with it for a while Marc. I haven’t had this new environment running for more than a couple of days and although it may well come down to Elements, I’d like to have a better feel for it before I take up more of your time. If I can also get it producing the problem more at will and on a more contained project that would be useful.

(marc hoffman) #16

Makes sense, yes. :crossed_fingers:t3:and keep me posted…

(pthompson) #17

Marc, I’ve not been able to spend much time on this, but I’ve just been starting to produce a simple test case for a Hydra problem and the unresponsive editor issue happens with this simple project. I’ve attached it here, but it’s just your most basic Hydra plugin with a couple of interfaces so far. If I start typing “exit true” in the Login method, the editor hangs if I pause after typing exit and I see this sort of thing

I should also say that this is after an uninstall / reinstall of VS2017 to try and get around the “Add New Item” issue (which I think it did).

I also have another niggle in VS2017 (and I suspect in earlier versions), around assemblies not being listed in the extension manager. In this case, it would appear to be installing RemObjects that knocks out visibility of other extensions. I only mention it here as I paid attention during my reinstall of VS 2017 as to when I lost visibility of my DevExpress assemblies and they were visible until I installed RemObjects. I have a ticket over on DevExpress for this, but I think the issue is on your side after watching through the latest install. I only mention it here as I was going through the install again, it won’t have any bearing on this problem. But if it rings any bells… (19.1 KB)

(RemObjects) #18

Thanks, logged as bugs://81764