Visual Studio 2017 : "We've noticed that extension 'Oxygene Editor Extensions' is slowing typing performance"


(pthompson) #1

After creating a new Windows 10 VM, installing VS 2017 Community and the current RemObjects suite for .NET (DA . Elements,Hydra, Remoting SDK I’m experiencing GUI freezes while editing. The attached screenshot shows a typical visual studio message. I’ve spent little time so far in this new VM, but it does seem to be happening quite frequently i.e. most times I use it.

Can some light be shed on this ?

(marc hoffman) #2

Does this persist with more recent builds? I believe we have made quite a few fixes in this area recently.

(Patrick Lanz) #3

For me, it has been solved in version .2353, from December 21.

(pthompson) #4

Hi Marc,

I’ve just double checked, but those are the most recent builds ?

I don’t want to confuse the issue here, but it may shed some light on things. This new VM is a clean replacement for a Windows 7, VS 2012 with rather old RemObjects components. I had been experiencing similar issues in there, albeit without what I presume to be the new VS notification lines popping up to point the finger. I had some understanding that this might be an old / fixed issue in Elements, hence part of the reason for the upgrade.

As I’m typing I can see the reply from Patrick, but I don’t see a .2353 Dec 21 build in my stable downloads. The most recent is the .2351 Dec 17 that I have installed. I do see .2359 preview from Jan 4.

(marc hoffman) #5

Glad to hear; I wasn’t are about what exact builds these fixes shipped in, bit I’m the hoping this is the same issue…

(marc hoffman) #6


.2351 is the latest “stable” build, but we’ve shipped weekly updates since, which you can find at We’ll probably declare a new build “stable” soon, but the latest one (.2359) or the one coming later today (.2361) should be save and good for production work.


(pthompson) #7

Thanks. I was being dense. The .2359 was the only one showing by default in the preview area. Expand it and I can see the build Patrick references. I’ll give the .2359 a try and see if that sorts the issue - I can see " 80695: Major CC issues (slowdown, overzealous matching) in Visual Studio code editor" listed in the changelog, so hopefully that covers my case…

(marc hoffman) #8

(.2361 will be out in 5 minutes, if you want to wait).

(pthompson) #9

In the spirit of adventure, I’ll hang on for .2361 - I do have numerous errors and warnings to address in the jump from the Elements 8.1 era.

(marc hoffman) #10

:+1:t3:. out now.

(pthompson) #11

Downloaded and installing now…

(pthompson) #12

…just had this in the new .2361 build

(Patrick Lanz) #13

So it’s not the same problem as me…

(marc hoffman) #14

:(. ok. someone from our VS team will need to work with you to narrow this issue down, then. Any chance you can (privately) send jus the/a project that shows this?


(pthompson) #15

Let me live with it for a while Marc. I haven’t had this new environment running for more than a couple of days and although it may well come down to Elements, I’d like to have a better feel for it before I take up more of your time. If I can also get it producing the problem more at will and on a more contained project that would be useful.

(marc hoffman) #16

Makes sense, yes. :crossed_fingers:t3:and keep me posted…

(pthompson) #17

Marc, I’ve not been able to spend much time on this, but I’ve just been starting to produce a simple test case for a Hydra problem and the unresponsive editor issue happens with this simple project. I’ve attached it here, but it’s just your most basic Hydra plugin with a couple of interfaces so far. If I start typing “exit true” in the Login method, the editor hangs if I pause after typing exit and I see this sort of thing

I should also say that this is after an uninstall / reinstall of VS2017 to try and get around the “Add New Item” issue (which I think it did).

I also have another niggle in VS2017 (and I suspect in earlier versions), around assemblies not being listed in the extension manager. In this case, it would appear to be installing RemObjects that knocks out visibility of other extensions. I only mention it here as I paid attention during my reinstall of VS 2017 as to when I lost visibility of my DevExpress assemblies and they were visible until I installed RemObjects. I have a ticket over on DevExpress for this, but I think the issue is on your side after watching through the latest install. I only mention it here as I was going through the install again, it won’t have any bearing on this problem. But if it rings any bells… (19.1 KB)

(RemObjects) #18

Thanks, logged as bugs://81764

(pthompson) #19

Just looking for an update on this bug. Is it looking likely for the next build after 2263 ?

I’ve been spending more time in VS using elements this last few days and it’s proving very difficult to do anything. Almost every edit on the simplest project results in this problem. If I run VS and create and the equivalent VB project, no slow downs…

One of the bigger pauses from today

(marc hoffman) #20

it’s still open, so not fixed for 2365 (out now), but I;'ll make sure tis gets priority next week.