Web.config file is empty, prevents debugging

(noman) #1

I run vs2015 (oxygene) and vs2017 (csharp) at the same time. If I create a new, empty website and add a webform I get a dialog in oxygene like this:Oxygene debug problem dialog

Now if you select the lower option the website will run in the browser (if you have no mistakes).

But, if you select the top option and add a new ‘web.config’ file, then you have problems. vs2017 creates a correct ‘web.config’ file by default so you do not see this dialog. The trouble is that the web.config file created by elements is empty. This generates an error called ‘Root element is missing’.

What I did is copy and paste from the csharp project/website to the empty web.config file ans it ran fine. There was one warning however. This line generates a warning: ‘targetFramework is not allowed’. It runs however. Why is this supported in csharp and not in oxygene?

Paul Breen

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://78375

(RemObjects) #3

bugs://78375 got closed with status fixed.

(ekaterina) #4

Hello. Weird, that config file was created empty, I see not empty Web.config here. Anyways, I added Web.config to the project template, so new Empty web site is created with config file, as C# one.

(noman) #5

How do I get the fix? Do I wait for the next revision or do I download again now? do I have to remove the previous version?

(ekaterina) #6

The fix is in Friday’s beta, just install it.