SOAP ISAPI in Delphi Seattle vs Delphi Berlin

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I have the SDK Version
If I compile my ISAPI in Delphi Seattle all is well
If I compile my ISAPI in Delphi Berlin everything seems the same until I try and access the ISAPI. The error I get when trying to access the service from Delphi is:
‘Cannot parse SOAP error’
‘Cannot Load XML document’
'DTD is prohibited’
Reverting to Delphi Seattle (without making any changes) solves the problem.

Odd error one just one machine: Cannot parse SOAP error: Cannot load XML document. Reason: DTD is prohibited. Line: 1 Position: 11
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Thanks, logged as bugs://75140

(EvgenyK) #3

they have changed TWebRequest methods so they return string instead of AnsiString as in Seattle. looks like, their changes have broken something in our code.
I will investigate

(EvgenyK) #4

they have refactored their code so request now isn’t read automatically.

pls update uROWebBrokerServer.pas as

function TROWebBrokerServer.ReadRequestStream(aRequest : TWebRequest): TStream;
    aRequest.ReadTotalContent;  // added
    SetString(s, PAnsiChar(@aRequest.RawContent[0]), Length(aRequest.RawContent));

AES Envelope causes error
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bugs://75140 got closed with status fixed.